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Category of Teachers To Receive The July Payrise 2023

Category of Teachers 2023Category of Teachers 2023. Teachers who have worked in a job group for at least three years will only be eligible for wage increases from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The Commission received a thumbs up when lawmakers in Parliament approved its request for sh. 2.2 billion for teacher promotions.

After this most recent change, teachers who have been stuck in one job category for at least three years can now smile.

More funding has also been suggested in the Budget Policy Statement (BPS) report from the Budget and Appropriations Committee (BAC) to allow TSC to promote about 14,000 teachers who, despite having greater qualifications, have remained in the same post.

The report of the BAC, which was presided over by Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, states: “Extra Sh2.2 billion (Recurrent) for the promotion of teachers.”

The Commission intends to advance C1 instructors to C2, C2 to C3, C3 to C4, etc.

Category of Teachers To Receive The July Payrise 2023

When Dr. Macharia testified before Parliament, she stated that Sh600 million would be utilized to transfer 4,595 primary school teachers from Job Group C1 to Job Group C2. 2,637 graduate teachers will be promoted from Group C3 to Group C4 using another Sh400 million.

652 graduate teachers will be promoted from Grade D3 to Grade D4 using more than Sh175 million.

At secondary and primary schools, the commission is working to advance 13,713 principals, deputy principals, senior masters, secondary teachers, head teachers, and deputy head teachers.

Category of Teachers 2023The category with the most openings contains 7,720 positions for Deputy Head Teachers II in ordinary elementary schools.

TSC will also advance 2,733 regular primary school head teachers, 1,330 secondary teachers, 1,725 deputy principal II 602 regular school principals, 224 deputy principal III, and roughly 208 Senior Masters II.

There were 73 openings for chief principals of conventional secondary schools, 32 for Special Needs Education (SNE) head teachers, 22 for SNE deputy head teachers, 17 for deputy principal I, 8 for SNE principals, and 4 for SNE chief principles.

TSC promotion interviews are now taking place in Counties.

Those vying for headteacher positions are among those chosen for promotion interviews.

TSC previously stated that individuals in acting roles will be given preference, especially those in ASAL and places with a shortage of employees.

Julius Melly, the head of the education committee, had encouraged the Commission to reward and promote teachers who had been working in an acting capacity as well as those who had been stuck in the same job group for many years.

Also, the committee increased the budgets for the TSC, which received a boost from the current fiscal year’s allocation of Sh298 billion to Sh134.92 billion and the State Department for Basic Education, which received a boost from Sh298 billion to Sh322.64 billion.

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