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Essential Details Of The New TSC Promotion Form 2023

TSC Promotion Form Details. The Teachers Service Commission offers teachers the chance to advance their careers.

For this to be effective, TSC has created a TSC promotion form that teachers must submit when requesting promotions.

It’s important to keep in mind that you must have served for the required three years from the date of your initial recruitment before you can petition for promotion to the next grade.

Items on the TSC Promotion Form that are Crucial.

Typically, the TSC promotion form is tagged.

The performance review of a teacher is used to determine whether they are qualified to be appointed to the following grade.

Below are the fundamental, crucial TSC features under this form:

TSC Promotion form
TSC Promotion form

Easy steps are required to complete this form.

The Head of Institution completes the teachers service commission application form for advancement (Head teacher or Principal).

Visit for a comprehensive guidance on how to fill out this form.

TSC Bank Form Serial/No. Detail Description

1. The name of the teacher (Your Official Name)

2 Your TSC certificate’s TSC number, which is your TSC number.

3. Your current grade (or group, depending on your job)

4. Date of the Teacher’s Appointment ( This is the date when you were appointed to the current grade)

5. The institution where the teacher works ( this is the name where you are currently working)

6.The department, which is the one in which you currently work, for example, science or the humanities.

7. The teacher’s current job responsibilities.

These are your obligations ( either you are appointed as classroom teacher, class teacher, Internally appointed HOD or HOS in a school.)

Promotions at TSC are free, just, and based on merit. When called for an interview, a teacher should be prepared with information and an arranged file.

The Teacher Progression and Appraisal Development (TPAD), which should be fully completed and current, as well as certifications of co-curricular activities, can all have an impact on a teacher’s promotion



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