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Here are the Regions With Mass Teacher Transfer Requests

Here are the Regions With Mass Teacher Transfer Requests. After a drive by the government to implement the delocalization policy, official data from the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) shows that Nairobi City County is the place that teachers requesting transfers desire the most.

Nationwide, 36,277 teachers applied for transfers between November 1 last year and January 31 this year, according to statistics given by the commission to the Senate Committee on Education. 14,733 of these transfer requests were matched and granted approval, whereas 21,544 are still waiting.

In contrast to the 76 teachers who asked to be transferred outside of Nairobi during the same period, 1,885 teachers applied to be transferred to the capital city. Get more on

At the end of January, only 41 of the 1,162 requests for primary schools and four of the 723 requests for secondary schools had been granted.

In the same time frame, only one secondary school teacher left the city while 45 primary school teachers did.

1,074 other teachers have applied to be transferred out of Bungoma County, whereas 1,336 primary school teachers have applied to be transferred there.

mass transfer of teachers

The non-monetary collective bargaining agreement (CBA) the teachers unions agreed to with the TSC contains the basic terms of the agreement to reverse the delocalization policy.

The Kenya Kwanza Alliance promised to eliminate it once it was in power, turning the issue into a campaign talking point.

The policy of transferring teachers who were deemed to have “overstayed” at the same work station began in 2018 and resulted in the transfer of thousands of teachers, sparking criticism from teachers’ unions who said the program had disrupted the lives of teachers.

After receiving 237 requests to transfer teachers in secondary schools as opposed to 94 requests to transfer out of the county, Kajiado County also became one of the most popular counties.

In the county, 486 primary school teachers applied for employment, compared to 434 who requested to be transferred elsewhere.

“The transfer of teachers from one institution to another is based on the need for equitable distribution and optimal utilisation of teachers, availability of vacancies in the station, the need for replacement, existing staffing norms and medical grounds certified by a registered medical practitioner,” reads the document signed by Mr Cavin Anyuor, the director for legal, labour and industrial relations, on behalf of CEO Nancy Macharia.

The document was prepared in answer to Senator Alexander Mundigi of Embu County’s inquiries on delocalization, who wanted to know the breakdown of the teachers who were transferred into and out of Embu County.



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