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How to change PayPoint For TSC Teachers step by step guidance

How to change PayPoint For TSC Teachers step by step guidance

How to change PayPoint. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) pays your salary through your preferred bank or Sacco.

To receive the monthly salary, the teacher must have a bank or Sacco account.

The Commission receives this information once you complete the TSC Bank Form.

When TSC hiresa teacher for the first time, the TSC Bank Form is complete and sent to the head office with other documents.

Furthermore, a teacher may change the point at any time.

Procedures on how to change PayPoint For Teachers

A teacher may wish to change paypoint as often as one may like. For your salary  diversion to the new bank or savings account, you must:

PayPoint basic requirements 

  • First download the TSC Bank Form and Print it.
  • Fill in the paypoint form correctly and have it certified by your Principal/ Head Teacher.
  • The TSC County or Sub County Director sign the Principal/ Head Teacher’s bank form.
  • Photocopy your new bank/Sacco account plate (ATM Card) both sides.
  • This is the new account where you want your salary deposited to.
  • Make sure the copy is clear and must also be certified by your Principal/ Head Teacher.
  • Attach your certified bank plate copy and National ID Copy to the completed TSC Bank Form.

Finally, send the documents to TSC Headquarters (enclosed in one envelope and addressed to the Secretary TSC, P.O Private Bag, Nairobi).

Please do not close your current account until your salary deposit into the new account.

As a result, your pay  reimburses. Some teachers who cancel their old accounts hurriedly miss pay for several months.

What can you do if you closed the old account before your salary is deposited into the new account? 

If the TSC payroll closes and you  close your previous account, then your application for a paypoint change will not be active.

your local bank or Sacco returns the salary to TSC. This lengthy procedure involves a large number of officials.

The floating salary first returns to the headquarters of the bank, or SACCO.

After a thorough review, the bank, or Salco, returns the salary to TSC Head Office.

This is done through writing checks that take a long time to process.

As a result, the next time you want to change your pay point, you should be patient and not rush to liquidate your existing account.

After three to four months, if your pay transfers to your bank account without a hitch, you should consider closing the previous account.

The pay point bank form

How to change PayPoint For TSC Teachers step by step guidance
How to change PayPoint

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) Bank Form is filled whenever you want to change your pay point particulars.

It is the form that the Commission uses to capture your correct bank account details that will be used when paying your monthly salary.

Who fills the bank form? 

For newly employed TSC teachers,this form is one of the mandatory requirements that is sent together with the employment form after interviews.

If you fail to send this form, then you will not receive your salary.

You must also be very keen whenever you are filling this form.

This is because if you capture your bank details incorrectly then your TSC salary will be wired to the wrong individual.

This form is also required whenever you want to change your bank account as earlier discussed.

What are the details on the TSC bank form? .

The TSC Bank Form contains the following details;

  • Bank Name  The Name of the Bank where you opened your account e.g Equity
  • Branch Branch where you opened the account
  • Street/ Building Street where branch is found
  •  County County were branch is based
  •  Sub County Sub County where branch is based
  • TSC Number Your TSC Number as recorded on your TSC Certificate
  •  Bank Code Ask from your bank
  • 8Branch Code Ask from your bank
  •  Account Number Account number as recorded on your ATM Card
  •  Account Name Your Name as it appears on the Bank ATM Card

What to attach on the TSC Bank Form.

Here are mandatory documents to be attached on the filled out TSC Bank Form:

  • Most recent payslip; For teachers applying for change of pay point.
  • Bank ATM Card; Attach a clear copy of your ATM Card.
  • National ID Card; A clear Copy of your ID.

How to change PayPoint For TSC Teachers step by step guidance



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