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How to download KUCCPS checking Admission Letters

How to check admission letters downloaded by KUCCPS

The KUCCPS is checking admission letters and giving download instructions. Is KUCCPS open? Where can I find KUCCPS? How can I get the acceptance letter to download? Are these common questions? The KUCCPS acceptance letters for each university’s 2023–2024 admissions are available to students. You can accomplish this by adhering to the joining guidelines provided on the website for your particular university.

The steps for downloading the 2023–2024 KUCCPS admission letters.

Initially, it is simple for you to access the university portal and get your letter from the Kuccps website;

Log on to the student university website using your admissions number. As a password, enter your KCSE index number or ID number.

To download their admission letters from the University of Nairobi, students must go to the student webpage.

An SMS with an application reference number will be sent to you. The admissions list is also available for download from the UON website. You must input your registration information in order to receive a registration number on the university’s students website.

Go on this link and enter your registration number and KCSE index number or ID number as your password to access the SMIS Students Portal. Your letters of acceptance to the University of Nairobi for the 2022–2023 academic year are now available there.

Admission letter from Kenyatta University for 2023–2024
After verifying your admission status, go to the Kenyatta University admission webpage at to get your letter of admission.
Click on this link to access the Kenyatta University Admission Portal: XXXXXXXX/2022, where 2022 is your KCSE year and XXXXXXXXX is the index number, should now be entered as your index number.
To download and print your admission letter, go to the Admission Letter section.

JKUAT Letter of Admission for 2023–2024
Visit the Kenyatta University Admission Portal at to get your admission letter after you have verified your JKUAT Admission Status.
You must register by completing the following steps before receiving your JKUAT acceptance letter.
then enter your email address and the password you used to create your account on the same page’s Login section.
Make sure all of your supporting documentation for courses, academics, and personal matters is complete.
The JKUAT admission letter and related documentation are now available for download after you have finished updating your information.

Admission letter for MOI University’s KUCCPS for 2023–2024
To download the Moi University admission letter, visit the special link on the university’s student page. To get Moi University’s 2023–2024 admission letters, one needs their KCSE index number. To get your acceptance letter, go to this page at

Admission letter for Egerton University for 2023–2024
Visit the Egerton University Admission Portal and verify your admission status at to complete your admission letter download. Follow these steps to access the Egerton University Admission Portal:

KUCCPS Admission Letter for Maseno University 2023–2024
As soon as you have verified your enrollment at Maseno University, go to the university’s admissions site at Admission login.php to view the Kuccps admission letter for 2023–2024.
Use the following page to access the Maseno University Admission Portal: login.php
Provide the details for your application, including your username, password, or index number, if necessary.

Use your KCSE index number (00000000000/2023) for KUCCPS students; the student number that was issued to you via SMS for diploma and self-sponsored students. Make sure you’ve submitted every piece of information accurately on your application.
Make sure to obtain and print your admission letter by going to the Admission Letter section.

Admission letter for MKU University for 2023–2024
After you have verified your enrollment at Mount Kenya University, go to the admission portal to download your admission letter. Click on this link to access the Mount Kenya University-MKU Admission Portal:
Enter your index number in the following manner after sliding all the way down to Applicants / New Students: 01234567001/2022, where 2022 is your KCSE year. To download, go to the Admission Letter section and print your admission letter.

Admission letter for Kisii University for 2023–2024
Once you have verified with Kisii University that you have been admitted, use the self-care website to download your admission letter.
Enter this URL to access the Kisii University Self-Care Portal: Visit to access the “click to update profile” link.

selfcare image section

After entering your index number, click “validate”.
Now Verify or update your phone number if necessary. Click update once you’re done.
Your college email address will be displayed. Take note of it. You can use this as your username.
Click on this link to access the Kisii University Selfcare Portal:

At the top right corner, click the login link.

Your university email address and the password 2020 are required. Log in by clicking.



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