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How to file KRA Returns Online – 2023

How to file KRA Returns Online – 2023

How to file KRA Returns Online – 2023. KRA returns refer to the tax returns filed with the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), which is the tax authority in Kenya. KRA returns are forms that individuals, businesses, and organizations are required to submit to report their income, expenses, and other relevant financial information for the purpose of taxation.

The specific types of KRA returns will depend on the taxpayer’s category and the nature of their income. Some common types of KRA returns include:

  1. Individual Income Tax Return (ITR):This return is filed by individuals to report their personal income, deductions, and tax liabilities.
  2. Corporate Income Tax Return (CT): This return is filed by registered companies and organizations to report their business income, expenses, and tax liabilities.
  3. Value Added Tax (VAT) Returns: VAT is a consumption tax imposed on the supply of goods and services in Kenya. Registered businesses that are required to charge and collect VAT must file periodic VAT returns to report their VAT sales, purchases, and tax payable or refundable.
  4. Withholding Tax Returns: Withholding tax is a tax deducted at source by one party from payments made to another party. Entities required to withhold tax, such as employers or organizations making certain types of payments, must file withholding tax returns to report the amount withheld and remit it to KRA.
  5. Pay As You Earn (PAYE) Returns: PAYE is a tax deducted from employees’ salaries or wages by their employers. Employers must file PAYE returns to report the income, deductions, and tax withheld for each employee.

These are just a few examples of KRA returns commonly filed in Kenya. It’s important for taxpayers to understand their specific tax obligations and comply with the filing and payment requirements set by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

This is a detailed tutorial on how to submit KRA returns online starting in 2023. Every person with a KRA PIN must submit their tax returns at the conclusion of each fiscal year. Those who are out of work and don’t have a stable source of income must submit no returns.

Due to the fact that it is completed online using the iTax platform, the procedure is quick.The first Kshs 150,000 of a disabled person’s monthly income is exempt from taxes on their income.

How to file KRA Returns Online - 2023

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The following are the steps to follow while filling KRA returns:

1. Visit the KRA iTax website at to submit your KRA returns online.

2. Utilize your KRA PIN and password to access the iTax portal.

3. Select Returns from the navigation bar by scrolling down. Choose file returns by scrolling down and clicking.

4. A page listing all taxes that must be paid will display. Click next after choosing the appropriate tax liability for you.

5. Depending on the tax obligation you chose in the previous step, your applicable tax form will open.

6. You will be guided through the filling process by the detailed instructions on the tax form that is displayed.

7. A page containing instructions and links to download the tax form in Excel and ODS format will load. Open or save the template on your device after downloading it.

8. Complete the required fields on the downloaded form accurately and save the file.

9. Allow macros to zip and validate your file.

10. Return to the iTax file returns page and choose the time frame for the tax returns you are submitting.

11. Upload the file (zip file), then accept the terms.Click on “Submit”

12. You are to confirm your want to upload the form in a pop-up message. To continue, click ok.

13. A message to confirm the success of your return submission will be generate .

How to File 2023 Nil Returns

1. Go to on the KRA iTax website.

2. Log in using your password and KRA PIN. Click “Log In” after providing the correct response to the security question that will appear.

3. Select Returns from the navigation bar by scrolling down. Various choices will be shown. A file nil returns option should be used.

4. A page with the tax obligation will appear. your KRA PIN, please. Choose Income tax resident by clicking. For the next step, click.

5. After deciding on a returns period, click on submit.

6. A message with an acknowledgement number will appear after a successful submission.

7. Download and print the receipt for the returned item.

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