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SALARIES FOR JSS TEACHERS.The Teachers Service Commission’s most recent move on distribution of deployment letters resulted in primary school head teachers being promoted to manage junior secondary schools as JSS principals.

Salaries for JSS teachers and principals

SALARIES FOR JSS TEACHERS. To get more information on these please visit JSS deployment

The Teachers Service Commission, or TSC have not looked into the principal’s credentials prior to issuing letters of deployment. Meaning they have focused on their entry grade to college which is a C plus for a teacher to teach in Junior Secondary School.

The TSC CEO further stated that the P1 deployment application date is March 22, 2023. The primary Headteachers are issued with official letters from Teachers Service Commission to serve as Junior Secondary School principals effective January 2023

To get more information on these please visit JSS deployment

P1 teachers having a diploma in education or higher diploma to be assigned to junior secondary schools.

The minimal requirement set forth by TSC for teaching positions at junior secondary schools is a C+( plus ) on your KCSE.


TSC Career Progression Guidelines For Curriculum Support Officers

Moreover, government-funded benefits including pensions, gratuities, and health insurance are advantageous to TSC instructors.

The teachers’ employer have made public the new pay scale for instructors who will teach in junior secondary schools utilizing the competency-based curriculum.

These teachers will instruct students in grades 7, 8, and 9 at junior secondary schools.

Junior secondary schools teachers would begin at job grade C2, with a basic salary range of between Sh 34,955 and Sh 43,694 per month.

The following is the salary structure for JSS teachers:

1. Basic salary 34,955

2. House allowance 16,500 if in Nairobi and 7,500 in other areas

3. Hardship allowance of 10,900

4. Commuter allowance of 5,000

5. Leave allowance (paid only in January) 6,000



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