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HomeComplete list of the CASs appointed by H.E William Ruto.

Complete list of the CASs appointed by H.E William Ruto.

Complete list of the CASs appointed by H.E William Ruto.

Complete list of the CASs appointed by H.E William Ruto. Kenya operates a parliamentary system of government, where the President is the head of state and government.

The President appoints individuals to various positions within the executive branch, including Cabinet Assistant Secretaries.

In Kenya, the Cabinet Assistant Secretaries are officials who work under the Cabinet Secretaries within various government ministries.

They assist the Cabinet Secretaries in the management and coordination of ministry affairs and play a crucial role in implementing government policies and programs.

The main responsibilities of Cabinet Assistant Secretaries include:

  1. Policy Implementation: They assist in the implementation of government policies and programs within their respective ministries. They work closely with the Cabinet Secretary and other senior officials to ensure effective execution of policies and achieve the ministry’s goals.
  2. Administrative Support: Cabinet Assistant Secretaries provide administrative support to the Cabinet Secretary by overseeing day-to-day operations, managing budgets, coordinating meetings, and ensuring smooth functioning of the ministry. They may also represent the ministry in meetings and conferences as directed by the Cabinet Secretary.
  3. Policy Development: They participate in policy formulation and development processes, offering their expertise and recommendations based on their knowledge and experience in the relevant field. Cabinet Assistant Secretaries may also be involved in conducting research and analysis to support policy decisions.
  4. Stakeholder Engagement: They engage with various stakeholders, including government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector. This involves building partnerships, fostering collaboration, and ensuring effective communication between the ministry and external entities.
  5. Reporting and Documentation: Cabinet Assistant Secretaries are responsible for preparing reports, briefs, and other official documents on behalf of the ministry. They compile data, analyze information, and present it to the Cabinet Secretary and other relevant authorities.

It’s important to note that the number of Cabinet Assistant Secretaries and the specific ministries they serve in may vary over time, as it depends on the organizational structure established by the President and the needs of the government.

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Below is the List of the appointed cabinet assistant secretaries 2023:

  1. Hon. Jackline Mwenesi Lukalo, CAS Interior and National Administration
  2. Hon. Margaret Wanjiru, CAS Land and Housing
  3. Hon. Chrisantus Wamalwa Wakhungu, CAS Public and Gender Service
  4. Hon. Onesmas Kimani Ngunjiri, CAS Mining and Blue Economy
  5. Hon. Purity Ngirici, CAS Tourism and Wildlife Heritage
  6. Hon. Thomas Letangule, CAS Defence
  7. Hon. Charles Njagua Kanyi, CAS Youth affairs and Sports
  8. Hon. Wilson Sossion, CAS Education
  9. Hon. Khatib Abdalla Mwashetani, CAS Transport and Public Works
  10. Hon. Millicent Nyaboke Omanga, CAS Health
  11. Hon. Dr. Victor Munyaka, CAS Environment and Forestry
  12. Hon. Caleb Kositany, CAS Energy and Petroleum
  13. Hon. Denis Njue Itumbi, CAS Trade, Investment and Industry
  14. Hon. Keimosi Mogaka, CAS Information and Communication
  15. Hon. Margaret Gicheru, CAS East African Community
    • Hon. Gideon Keter, CAS Treasury and Planning
  16. Hon. Rehema Hassan, CAS Foreign Affairs
  17. Hon. Benjamin Washiali, CAS Agriculture and Livestock
  18. Hon. Anwar Loitiptip, CAS Labour and Social Protection
  19. Hon. Catherine Wanjiku Waruguru, CAS Water and Sanitation
  20. Hon. Isaac Maigua Mwaura, CAS Cooperatives and Micro Enterprise.
List of CASs Appointed by H.E William Ruto

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  1. Well done our president for remembering mothers keep on doing so , what a leader u r , it was worthy selecting u God bless and guide u forever good sabbath


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