State Allows JSS Students To Wear ‘Old Uniforms’


A new government rule allows pupils who are transferring to junior secondary school (JSS) to wear their old school clothes.

They came to this agreement on Tuesday, February 28, at State House Nairobi, under the leadership of President William Ruto. The Cabinet Secretary said no student should be expelled for not having new school clothes.

Cabinet took into account the development of the Competency-Based Curriculum’s implementation of the transition to Junior Secondary School (CBC).

“The Cabinet ordered to promote equal opportunity for all of the children in our country, even where the transition to junior secondary school may require a change of uniform, no student should be turned away from school for lack of a school uniform as long as they are otherwise qualified to attend,”

Late last year, the JSS leadership received permission from the Sub-County Director of Education and the necessary parties to choose the uniforms for their separate schools (SCDE).

The outfit would be given additional distinctive features for branding and institution identification.

The JSS uniforms should also respect the various groups’ varying religious and cultural values.

In addition, the Ministry of Education mandated that parents purchase uniforms and that no school shall advise parents on where to do so.

Nonetheless, the declaration advised JSS not to stop children from moving on to the next level because they couldn’t afford to buy school clothes.


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