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TSC lists shortage of teachers as among its biggest challenges

TSC lists shortage of teachers as among its biggest challenges

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC)’s annual report for 2021–2022 lists a lack of qualified instructors, a lack of professionalism, and a poor uptake of IT skills as the organization’s top issues.

The research notes that the successful delivery of the program is impacted by alcohol and drug misuse, duty neglect, and immoral behavior.

The degree of the mental health problems affecting the profession is more concerning; according to TSC, one in every four teachers who seek outpatient medical care has a mental health illness.



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The commission has taken note of the rising number of staff who are dealing with mental health issues, which is having an impact on how well the curriculum is delivered.

TSC lists shortage of teachers as among its biggest challenges

To this purpose, the commission has kept in contact with its partners and educating its staff about mental illness.

The commission has improved employee medical plans as well to enable better handling of cases involving mental illness, according to the study.

Medical coverage for teachers is provided by Minet Kenya. TSC employed about 346,000 instructors at the time.

The secretariat offices of the commission are staffed as well. 10,000 new instructors have been hired for this school year.

The 20,000 interns who are not insured by the medical plan are not included in this.

A list of 36 teachers who had their registrations revoked for a variety of offenses was published by TSC last month.

44 teachers were struck off the register in October of last year, and 73 more were struck off in July.

Since the 100% transition policy from primary to secondary school was implemented, TSC has struggled to close staffing gaps.

Significant deficits still persist as more new schools are opened and existing ones are enlarged to accommodate increased enrollment.

While 6,000 interns were sought out, TSC engaged 11,859 instructors on permanent and pensionable terms throughout the time period covered by the report.

TSC has been given Sh322.733 billion in the 2023 Budget Policy Statement, of which Sh3.8 million would go toward the hiring of 20,000 new teachers to help junior secondary school.

10,000 teachers and 20,000 interns employed on permanent, pensionable terms in February of this year would each get salary totaling Sh11.1 billion.

A total of 229,292 teachers have received training in the competency-based curriculum (CBC) and competency-based assessment as a result of the 93,679 teachers for Grades One to Six who were taught during the time under review.

55,125 teachers were also trained in preparation for the junior secondary school program.

The TSC has also listed other difficulties, such as the unfavorable working conditions in arid and semi-arid regions and areas that are difficult to staff, as hurdles.

The controversial Teacher Professional Development, which unions initially opposed, reportedly attracted 149,512 instructors, according to the TSC.

According to the study, TSC has divided up its service delivery into eight regional offices, 47 county offices, and 338 sub-county offices.



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