TSC Teachers To Face Salary Payment Delays


TSC Teachers To Face Salary Payment Delays

The Kenya Kwanza government is having financial issues, which have caused some government institutions’ employees to receive their salaries later than expected.

One of these organizations that has not received the Ksh. 8 billion in salary payments is the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

For the past nine years, the government has been experiencing severe financial hardship as 60 percent of its tax revenue is used to pay off debt.


Six ministries, some of which are owed up to Ksh. 13.7 billion, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Energy, and the Department of Regional Development and Northern Corridor Development, have not received their pay for the month of March.

Out of a Ksh.1.36 trillion debt repayment schedule for the fiscal year ending in June 2023, the National Treasury paid Ksh.843 billion in debt payments between July 2022 and April 2023.

The public sector’s delayed wage payments have been a result of the significant debt expenditure in January, February, and March of this year, which totaled Ksh.132 billion, Ksh.58 billion, and Ksh.121 billion, respectively.

By the end of March, the Kenyan Revenue Authority had gathered at least Ksh. 1.39 trillion, and the government had borrowed Ksh. 235 billion from the international market and Ksh. 396 billion locally to cover its expenses for the first nine months of the fiscal year.

However, expenditure trends show changing patterns, with the government spending Ksh.261 billion on development as of February this year, compared to Ksh.300 billion spent on development by February 2022 in the previous financial year.

The Ruto administration has spent Ksh.1.37 trillion on recurrent expenditure, Ksh.100 billion more than the previous administration around the same time last year.

On county transfers, the current administration has paid out Ksh.183 billion, Ksh.10 billion less than last year.

The delayed disbursements have caused challenges in implementing county programmes and budget plans.

To address the issue of delayed salary payments, the National Treasury has resolved to release over Ksh.31 billion for the month of January and plans to pay the pending amount in the coming weeks to reduce the backlog.

The Deputy President has assured the public that all salaries have been paid, and governors will receive another disbursement in a short time.

TSC Teachers Face Salary Payment Delays

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