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‘Yesu Wa Tongaren’ appears before police for questioning and claims that ‘Sun And The Moon’ would represent him.

Yesu Wa Tongaren’ appears before police for questioning and claims that ‘Sun And The Moon’ would represent him.

Eliud Wekesa, also known as Yesu wa Tongaren, a notorious preacher from Bungoma, showed up at the Bungoma Police Station on Wednesday to be questioned.

Francis Kooli, the Bungoma police commander, had already summoned him.

In order to question the New Jerusalem church’s leader about allegedly dubious religious doctrine, Mr. Kooli summoned him.

Yesu wa tongaren presents himself before police before questioning and ways the sun and the moon will be his lawyers.
Photo of Yesu Wa Tongaren


Wekesa claimed that he had done no crimes and stated that he was a man of God who was carrying out a divine purpose while addressing to the media alongside churchgoers.

The OCS informed me that the county commander wanted to speak with me, and I responded that I would honor that request. As a result, I came to the police station today, he explained.

The preacher remarked that he was not scared of the law since he was blameless and added that he is simply on the mission of chaperoning God’s ship while quoting from the bible, notably Ecclesiastes Chapter 8 verse 5.

That bible scripture says that only the guilty are subject to the law. I have never committed a crime in my whole missionary career, which has spanned from the time I started my ministry at age 30 until the present, at age 42. I’m merely taking over God’s holy ship, and I’m doing it from a distance.

Wekesa responded that he would hire the “sun and the moon” to represent him in court when asked if he would bring attorneys with him.

“Since I have injured no man, the sun and moon shall be my attorneys. The reference to the sun is a parable. I’ll let you figure it out for yourselves,” he said.

This occurs as President William Ruto established a judicial panel to look into the murders related to the Shakahola

The commission is to determine causes of deaths of more than 100 people at the controversial pastor Paul Mackenzie’s church.

In a gazette notice, the Head of State said Lady Justice Jessie Lessit will chair the commission, together with seven others.

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